About the MicroFN Network

About Micro, Micro Functions Network

Micro is a team that creates varieties community projects. We are most commonly named Micro, but we are also referred to as MicroFN, Micro Functions, MicroFN Network, or MicroFN.net.

What are some examples of our projects?

Micro has created websites for metaverse-game tokens, and navigation websites:

camdenlostandfound.com - Camden Lost and Found is a website that allows parents from a elementary school browse for items in the lost and found.

matchboxdesigns.shop - Matchbox Designs is a website that promotes digital clothing for ROBLOX made by Matchbox and other small publishers, generating little revenue for the creators.

petsimulatorz.xyz - small Games' Pet Simulator Z website helps promote their Pet Simulator X competitor and easily play new releases.

Difference between microfn.xyz and microfn.net domain

MicroFN.net is our main high performance network domain using Cloudflare DNS proxies, the MicroFN.xyz domain is for anybody that would prefer not to use Cloudflare DNS.